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Verandas - Outside in - and inside out!

Most of us with a garden like nothing better than to sit outside on a warm summer's evening, looking across the lawn with a nice cup of tea or a crisp glass of wine. 'Warm summer's evening' ....well, there a few of those! But when the weather is up to its usual tricks, we have to huddle ourselves indoors around the telly rather than being able to appreciate our horticultural efforts outside!

The solution to this is a well-crafted, beautifully-styled glass room, these innovative extensions are perfect for all year round.

Equally, for the hardier soul [or more optimistic about the British weather], Southern's well-crafted verandas lend an air of style to your home - and keep you dry!

Pander to your dreams

On a crisp winter's day, when the sun is out, a glass room allows you to enjoy the 'outdoors' in warm comfort. When the autumn leaves fall, a glass room or veranda means you can relax and enjoy the sights.

If summer is misbehaving, a glass room or veranda keeps you dry...and when spring has sprung, but there's still a nip in the air, what better place to enjoy the colours of the rainbow outside than a luxurious glass room? If it's warm outside, a veranda lets you watch nature unfold in comfort and fresh air - better than looking out of the window!

So let your dreams be pandered to with a Southern Veranda!

A moving experience

More and more people see no sense, when they want a bigger home, in upping sticks and enduring the hassle of buying a new house and selling their property. Massive upheaval, great stress, and huge expense - who needs it? Anyway, you've made a home your own, and leaving it would be a wrench.

With Southern Verandas you get the best of both worlds - more space, and no aggravation. (Oh, and it's a sound financial investment to boot - you're increasing the value of your home substantially).

Win the popularity contest...

If you're the social type, verandas or glass rooms are ideal for all sorts of gatherings - kids love them, and grown-ups can have great parties in them. You might even find friends and neighbours inviting themselves over! And if a barbecue turns rainy, just bring your bangers into the veranda or glass room until it passes!


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